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Alison Botha # butterflyrevolution

In 1994 Alison Botha survived the most horrific attack imaginable. Raped and left for dead, she refused to give her attackers the satisfaction of destroying her life. So she survived. Her story is a riveting drama of how a courageous woman found the inner strength to triumph over intense physical and emotional trauma. Since published in 1998, her book, “I have Life” has remained on the Penguin SA best seller’s list while Alison has made it her life’s mission, to bring hope to others by sharing her story from global stages.


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4 thoughts on “Alison Botha

  1. Ek probeer om op Facebook te link maar kry error wat se die site bestaan nie. Dis al sosiale media wat ek gebruik. Help asb wil graag deel wees.

  2. I attended one of your seminars,bought a book,whispered softly “what had happened to me”, you signed my book with a personal message. I cried. And didn’t stop crying while I was reading your book,in my own cocoon. Thank you, Alison, you saved my life.

    1. Ann, no, THANK YOU. Thank you for reading, for sharing and for getting up every day. It does get easier. The bad days do come but so does the power within you to face it, feel it and then feel and remember that you are sooooo much more than any of the pain. x

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